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October 11-13, 2016

Minneapolis, MN

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is not

a soft skill.



The Daily Edge

Bestselling author David Horsager offers proven productivity tips that enable you to work so efficiently that you'll have time left over for what he sees as an executive's most important tasks—building trusted relationships with people.

 (Learn More...)


The Trust Edge

David Horsager's national bestselling book about how top leaders gain faster results, deeper relationships, and a stronger bottom line.

Fascinating and timely, The Trust Edge unveils how trust has the ability to accelerate or destroy any business, organization, or relationship. The lower the trust, the more time everything takes, the more everything costs, and the lower the loyalty of everyone involved. (Learn More...)


The Trust Edge Audio Book

Hear the national bestseller, The Trust Edge, on CD, read by the author himself, David Horsager. (Learn More...)


The Trust Edge Journal

The journal companion to David Horsager's national bestseller.

Healthy leaders know that in order to stay fresh, relevant, and capable, they must take time to reflect on the past and envision the future. (Learn More...)


Book Club DVD

A DVD guide with 12 video vignettes that guide teams reading The Trust Edge together. (Learn More...)




Bundles of bookmarks that match the national bestselling book The Trust Edge. (Learn More...)


DMA Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes for utilizing the Difference Making Action technique for getting the most important things done every day. (Learn More...)


Poster Sets

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A set of 6 posters featuring inspirational quotes on trust or the "wake up" poster. (Learn More...)


SAF Cards

Cards that guide planning with the strategic action framework process. (Learn More...)



The "Hold On" sheep from David Horsager's famous closing story. (Learn More...)



Cards that guide participants as they listen to David Horsager's flagship keynote speech. (Learn More...)



Trust Edge mug with an inspiring quote about trust. (Learn More...)

Talent Development


Facilitator Certification

Become a certified Trust Edge facilitator.  (Learn More...)


Trust Edge University

Online training is available on demand, 24/7!

Participants from any level of your organization engage in interactive, 1-on-1 learning presented by David Horsager.  (Learn More...)



Jumpstart Coaching

Trust Edge JumpStart Coaching is a 90 Day program for individuals and leaders who want to take the next step in becoming more trusted in their role. (Learn More...)


Performance Coaching

Individuals at any level of your organization work directly with a Trust Edge Coach to use proven Trust Edge strategies, develop a 90-Day action plan and be held accountable to achieve your desired results. (Learn More...)


Executive Coaching

Managers and Executive Leaders within your organization work one-on-one with a premier Trust Edge Coach. (Learn More...)



David Live DVD

Enjoy David in a dynamic, live presentation of The Trust Edge. (Learn More...)



Trust Edge 360 Assessment

The Trust Edge Participant’s Guide provides a structure for solidified takeaways and focused action.

Maximize your potential, personally and professionally, with a certified Trust Edge coach at your side.  (Learn More...)


Enterprise Trust Index

The Enterprise Trust Index (ETI) is a powerful online analysis tool that provides a clear picture of trust throughout your organization.  (Learn More...)

Certification and Public Events


Facilitator Certification

Be equipped and certified to share the content with others in your organization. (Learn More...)


Triple A Consulting

Triple A Consulting

Customized Consulting  (Learn More...)


Trust Table

Executive co-consulting groups.

Surround yourself with great minds to improve competency, get practical solutions, and re-energize. (Learn More...)

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