David Horsager

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pronounce your name? 

Horsager is pronounced {Hor–saw – grr} with the emphasis on the first syllable.

How do you differentiate yourself from other speakers? 

  • David combines motivation, humor and illustrations with practical business strategy.
  • He has a unique ability to connect and engage a wide variety of audiences in a non-assuming authentic way.
  • His research and a strong business and management background add depth to his work.
  • David shares personal stories and relevant analogies.
  • There are simple takeaways that audiences can use right away.
  • He usually gives away a $100 bill.

Will you tailor your presentation for our group? 

Yes. David does in-depth research for each event to ensure that his clients – and audiences – hear a message that is on point and delivered to them in their own terms. This does not mean that he will speak on anything. Rather, he will speak under his expertise but make it applicable, relevant, and personalized to your audience. Often we hear, “that message was just for us,” and “how did he know so much about us?”

Where’s the best position to use you at our event? 

David’s sweet spot is kicking off the conference to set the tone and create energy and buy-in. Closing a conference while bringing it all together and leaving the audience motivated to move forward is another strength.

What do the initials CSP after your name mean? 

CSP is a designation from the National Speakers Association. CSP means Certified Speaking Professional. It’s an earned designation held by fewer than 10% of the NSA members.
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What is David’s most popular presentation? 

The Trust Edge, hands down. It is striking a chord in many industries across the nation. David’s pillars to building trust in business are invaluable in any organization. Through his research and experiences as an entrepreneur and Director of K-Life Inc., He uncovered the commonalities found in leaders and organizations who are successful in building trust. From this presentation, attendees will learn simple tools they can use to build trust with clients and colleagues right away.

Does he have other programs? 

Absolutely. David offers several options. Take at look at the list of speaking programs under the Speaker tab for more information. While focused differently, each of them incorporate the humor, energy, and showmanship that have made David so popular. Keep in mind, he often customizes his expertise and research to your theme and objectives. Contact our office for more information at 651-340-6555.

What do clients comment most about? 

Dynamic, funny, and motivational are the most common adjectives we hear from attendees and meeting planners. Standing ovations are not uncommon. What they appreciate the most, however, are the easy-to-implement tools he gives in every presentation. They love that he is easy to work with and note that he is the same on stage and off. Clients are also impressed with the amount of research David does to make the message relevant to their specific audience.

“David was relevant, informed, interesting, and someone I could relate to.” City/County Managers Conference attendee

“His preparation for our event was very impressive from our first conversation all the way to the day of his presentation on the Trust Edge. Our audience included employees that were new to the company all the way to our CEO and all of them enjoyed Dave’s message.” Ag Direct Vice President.

Who are his best audiences? 

  • Managers, supervisors, and leaders
  • Sales meetings, annual meetings, leadership, and service conferences
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Associations of all kinds
  • Opening and closing: David superbly sets the tone and skillfully ties it all together
  • Human resources personnel
  • Newly-merged or restructured corporate groups
  • Organizations struggling with change

How much time does David want/need? 

60 – 90 minutes is most common for a keynote message. There is precedent for any from 15 minutes up to a full day.

Are David’s books available for pre-event ordering or bulk purchases? 

Yes, high quantity orders can be placed through his office for a discount. Please call our office at 651-340-6555 or email us at info(at)davidhorsager.com for more information.

How does David relate to his audiences? 

  • Captivating storytelling
  • Clean humor
  • Personal interaction
  • Not arrogant, non-assuming, passionate yet humble and fun.
  • Clear, applicable and easy to remember takeaways.

What are the benefits of David’s presentations? 

  • Inspired and motivated audiences
  • Easy to use productivity tips
  • Increased profits from more trusted relationships with colleagues and customers
  • Lasting sense of improved values
  • Heightened morale, energy, and unity
  • A fun and memorable piece of the conference
  • In a nutshell look for David’s presentations to increase 4 P’s: Productivity, Purpose, Passion, and Profit.

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